Lower Manya: Landlords, Tenants Urged To Respect Tenancy Agreements


The Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Rent Control Officer in the Eastern Region, Miss Gloria Kotei has encouraged landlords, care takers of rented houses and tenants to bring their problems and challenges to their door steps for amicable resolutions.

Speaking in an interview to educate the public on the responsibilities of the Rent Control Department, the Rent Control Officer explained that the Rent Control is a department under the Ministry of Work and Housing with the sole responsibility to promote peace and reconcile tenants and landlords so they should not hesitate to forward their problems to the office.

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According to her, the Rent Law 1963, Act 220, Section 220 explains the conditions and terms that controls or guides landlords and tenants in terms of agreement. She however expressed concern that most landlords and care takers are ignorant about the existence of these laws and end up having unnecessary confrontations with their tenants which under normal circumstances should not be the case.

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According to Madam Kotei, the responsibility of the land lord or caretaker is to provide the tenant with the Rent Card that is supposed to be provided by the Rent Control Department, seven (7) days after the filing of the tenancy –landlord agreement.

Unfortunately, most landlords and caretakers fail in this process which contains information about both the landlord and the tenant, which results in tenants quitting their homes without cause which is against the law.

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She said according to the law, payment of rent advance is supposed to be six months or even paid on a monthly basis (one month term renewal) but some land lords and care takers take two or more years ‘advance’ (prepaid) from their tenant .

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While the two or more years is still binding on agreement however, some unscrupulous landlords arbitrarily increase the rent ‘due to inflation in prices of goods and services’ which should not be the case.

She therefore encouraged tenants not to hesitate to report any problem they may have with their landlords for amicable resolutions.

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