I wasn’t Brutalized – Miscarriaged 16-Year-Girl Denies Report


The 16-year-old girl who lost her pregnancy at a Police station after she
was allegedly brutalized by a Police officer during an arrest at Begoro in
the Eastern Region has come out to deny the report of her been brutalized
by the unidentified police CID.


The girl who was five-month pregnant was accused of stealing a GHC250.00
Samsung and GHS 150.00 Techno mobile phone all valued GHS 400.00 by a phone

Speaking to the complainant, Abdul Wasiu (phone seller) he was at the
market one Friday around 8 in the morning when the victim (name withheld)
came to him that she needed a phone to buy, during the negotiation of the
phone’s price, four guys also came to buy phone from him so he turned to
them and when he finished attending to the guys, he didn’t find the
16-year-old girl again and later found two of his phones missing.

He then saw the girl in about 30 minutes’ time in the market, he called her
and informed her about the missing phones where the girl told him that she
was not the one who stole the phones but it was rather the four guys who
met her presence so he can choose to curse.

According to him, one of the four guys returned to him and asked that he
heard his phone was missing and told him he would help to find the theft.

In the next Friday, the guy went and report to him that he found the phone
with a certain girl (the 16-year-girl) which he went a party with when she
was taken pictures with it but when he questioned her, she told him it was
him the phone seller, Abdul Wasiu who gave her the phone to aid
communication after proposing to her.

He asked the guy to direct him including his colleague phone seller to the
girl’s house so that she repeats the statement the guy came to report in
his presence. They went to meet the girl home and truly found the Samsung
phone with her whiles the Techno wasn’t retrieved, when the phone seller
asked either he was the one who gave her the phone, she replied no and
denied the message the guy delivered to him and accepted that she stole the
phone from the phone seller.

“The girl is a big liar. I never proposed to her. She is not even my
friend. The first day I saw her was the day she stole my phone. When the
guy saw the phone from her, she told him I proposed to her and gave her
phone so that we could communicate. The guy came to report to me so I told
the guy that I wanted to see the girl so that she repeats the same
statement in my presence.

He took me including my colleague phone dealer to the girl’s place, when I
questioned her about the rumour that I proposed to her and therefore gave
her phone to aid communication, she denied of stating such statement”. he
told Nana Adjei.

According to Abdul Wasiu (phone seller), he then reported the incident to
the victim’s mother, Dora Amponsah where the mother admitted to pay the
value of the stolen phone worth GHS 250.00 and asked the phone seller to
come for the money the following Friday.

He said, he went to the victim’s mother on several occasions for the money
but yielded no fruitful result so he then went to Begoro Police Station and
lodged formal complaint.

In an exclusive interview with the victim (girl 16), she admitted of
stealing the mobile phone from the phone seller but denied his claims he
did not proposed to her.

The victim told Nana Adjei that she was lying on a mat listening to music
from her Mp3 headphone last Tuesday when The Police Criminal Investigation
Department (CID) entered the house and asked her name and whereabouts of
her mother. She provided the asked information and the CID went back since
her mother, Dora Amponsah wasn’t home at then.

“I didn’t know that he was a police officer until he tried arresting me
since he was not in police uniform”. She said

She said the police officer came back to the house around 3:15 in the
afternoon yet her mother wasn’t home. The police officer informed her of
the charge and then police needed her for further investigation. She said
she attempted to wear a decent dress but was denied the opportunity by the
Police officer.

When they were coming out from the house, her elderly sister came to inform
the police officer that she will not allow the officer to arrest her junior
sister so she held her sister’s hand preventing the officer to take her
away leading to a struggle between them.

According to her, she hit her stomach against a pole during the struggle
and again hit against the gate of the taxi vehicle which she was cab into
and that caused the miscarriage at the police counter back not that she was
brutalised by the police officer.

“The police officer did not brutalise me, my stomach hit against the pole
and the car gate so I felt much pains at the police station but I didn’t
inform them because I was in fear. I was asked by a female police officer
whether I was pregnant but I said no.

I kept on feeling strange pains while at the Police station, I decided to
urinate but just a drop came out, I tried again in some minutes’ time and
unfortunately the five-month old foetus came out. A nurse was called from
salvation army clinic but suddenly, it was dead before her presence”. She
told Nana Adjei.

She again emphasised that she did not induced the pregnancy before the
incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the mother of the victim, Dora Amponsah has reported the
incident to the Human Right and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) for

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