Atomic Gas Explosion: Blame Explosions on Indiscipline – Fire PRO


The deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, Mr. Prince Billy Anaglatey has blamed the resurgent outbreak of fire at LPG and fuel filling stations in the country on indiscipline on the part of gas attendants, tanker drivers and their mates.

His comment comes in the aftermath of the MANSCO gas filling station in Accra over the weekend.

Mr. Anaglatey who made the observation in an interview with Rite news on Monday explained that the fact that the explosions occurred during the process of gas discharge spoke volumes of the failure of operators to adhere to basic safety precautions during the process.

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“If you look at the trend of gas explosions in the country, you would notice that the incidents always occurred during gas discharges by the drivers and their mates. This means something goes wrong and something always gets missing anytime these tanker drivers embark on this process at the various gas filling stations which is an indication that safety measures are not adhered to,” Mr. Anaglate bemoaned.

The fire PRO who was devastated with Saturday’s gas explosion at a gas filling station at Atomic in Accra together with two nearby filling stations regretted that these accidents continued to occur because safety mechanisms were not adhered to.

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“Before you off -load gas, you need to follow certain safety mechanisms on the ground but they don’t go by these precautions and this is a problem,” he lamented.

Safety precautions

The fire officer while reminding such operators to turn off their vehicle engines during the discharge process to allow the gas to cool off, called for the provision of fire extinguishers at fuel filling stations. He also challenged operators of such facilities to turn off mobile phones and electronic gadgets at filling station and LPG filling stations in order to avoid the risk of needless fire outbreaks.

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The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has accused the latest gas explosion on failure to comply with safety lapses at the MANSCO gas filling station – the station that exploded last Saturday.

Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Hassan Tampuli, who made the revelation, said a letter was given to MANSCO through the Oil Marketing Company (OMC) that supplied it with LPG, Hills Oil to address the lapses by close of day Monday, 4 September 2017.

“In the case of this particular station, we did the monitoring and inspection in April 2017, so it was part of the Greater Accra inspection and monitoring exercise. We wrote them a letter which was sent to them on 10th of July. What the letter said was that, ‘we’ve done monitoring and inspection of your station and we come to the realization that they fell short of a number of things and we catalogued them.

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“One of the findings was that, their forecourt was too busy of activities which include a taxi rank, food vendors among others. So we thought that was unsafe and directed them to put in place the necessary safety measures,” Mr. Tampuli said. Mr. Tampuli said his outfit also wrote a letter to six other filling stations that had questionable safety measures.

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