A/R : Fear Grips Sokoban Residents


By Isaac Amoah-Asare


Rising insecurity in Sonkoban in the Ashanti Region is a worry to residents who now want the national and county governments to act.


In the year 2014, a man was shot dead at wood village near Sokoban. Since then, incidents of robberies and killings have been on the rise. Residents are now calling on the national and county governments to step in and provide a lasting solution to rising insecurity which they say is threatening investment prospects in the county.


Majority of the locals now say their lives are in danger following the brazen manner in which the thugs have unleashed terror in the area.


Speaking to some of the residents ,they stated that, just last two days, robbers also attacked a business man who sustain several injuries now responding to treatment while an unknown amount of money was stolen.


This man is not the only person who has been attacked by these robbers within a span of one week and have sent shock waves among residents.


They added that,some Businesses have also been looted and unknown amounts of money stolen by robbers who have posed a great threat to new investments in Sokoban.


Sources say the the Assembly member is being accused to have sold one of their metal container meant for a  Police post which bought through the residents contribution to curb these situation but since last three years, the assembly member has refused to render an account to the community meanwhile there is no a single police in the area and the other two container which has not been sold is not in the good shape since rats and mouse is using it as their home.


As a short-term measure, the youth decided to do some patrol in the night but the situation has only become worse with local leaders now calling for a total overhaul of the security team in the county.


As if that was not enough, the same robbers who were said to be on a tricycle also known as “Aboboyaa” robbed and raped some women at the local trading centre.



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