Centipedes Storms Western Region


By Isaac Amoah-Asare


The Ministry of Agriculture and the Western Region office of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) have dispatched a team to study and control army of centipedes that has invaded more than 102 communities in the northern parts of the Western Region, causing havoc to crops and creating discomfort in the affected areas.


Initially, the centipedes were resistant to some chemicals but are unable to withstand chemicals such as agrocombi, nopest and super agro blast being used by the team to control them.


The Western Regional NADMO Coordinator, Mr Abdul Ganiyu Mohammed said currently the situation was under control compared to what prevailed when the creatures surfaced in the communities a fortnight ago.

He said currently the team was running out of supply of the three chemicals, and arrangements were being made to replenish the stock to ensure successful completion of the exercise to control the invasion.

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